Your life is timed

desertThis journey you are on called your life, is timed.  It had a beginning and it will have an ending. What do you want to do with yours? You only get one shot at it. What will your story be? Each of us have strengths we bring with us on the journey and each of us do, will or are facing obstacles that we will either overcome or succumb to. In my almost but not quite yet 50 years on this beautiful blue planet, I have been down some roads, ran into some roadblocks (some I put up myself) and have come to know that each day, the good and the bad, the hard and the ugly are gifts.  Its all part of the story. You have a say in your story. You don’t write it but you do get to edit it.  How will you respond to the hard? What choices will you make?  A good Life Coach will help you see the path you are on, define where you want to go,  work with you to establish your goals and walk with you, even holding your hand if necessary.  I don’t know about you but when I get to the end of my story I want to be able to say ” That was my story, I lived it, I had a say in it, I loved well in it, I am pleased with it”.


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